The accurate identification of problem areas in a poorly performing water treatment situation is paramount to the successful and most cost effective implementation of a solution. VitaOne8 can conduct detailed assessments of all water treatment plants, including potable water, domestic and industrial waste water and industry specific prepared water treatment plants from both a structural and process point of view, in order to ascertain the cause of poor performance and to recommend a sustainable rehabilitation strategy.

Process Design, Manufacture and Installation

Together with our collaborative partners, VitaOne8 has the capacity to design, manufacture and install client and site specific water treatment solutions. With a detailed understanding of the South African technology marketplace, we can also suggest and implement existing technologies that we feel best suit the financial resources and business strategies of our clients. It is our goal to provide sustainable solutions that are in line with the objectives of our clients, and we place a high value on the development of long-term relationships.

Operations and Training

The most important factors for the successful management of any water treatment works include the involvement of a team of well trained operators, strong leadership and mentorship, and sound budget management. The presence of strong leadership is vital for the continuous motivation of the operators through mentorship and training. By creating a sense of pride and ownership, the operators perform very well and in turn achieve a high level of job satisfaction. Budget planning and management of cash flow for a water treatment plant is equally important to ensure the timeous purchase of chemicals, servicing of plant and laboratory equipment and adequate quality control. We can assist with all aspects of plant operations management, including training and mentoring of operators and leadership guidance.

Research and Development and Technology Due Diligence

Innovative ideas are seldom taken beyond the stage of a hypothesis or a laboratory scale project, and our objective is to ensure that these ideas are tested and developed further on pilot and demonstration scale, and successfully implemented or taken to market if they are found to be applicable. Our passion for innovation fuels goal driven research, and we develop both in-house technologies inspired by industry needs as well as new processes and technologies for the specific requirement of our clients. With expertise in efficient experimental design, VitaOne8 can manage pilot scale trials on behalf of our clients, determining the technical viability of a water technology and verifying claims of removal efficiencies, chemical and energy consumption and ease of operation as part of technology due diligence.

We collaborate with various academic and research institutions, and where possible involve postgraduate and in-service trainee students, providing mentorship and training to develop much needed skills for the South African water industry.

Water Supply Feasibility Studies

Water is a scarce but essential resource for many industries, mining in particular. VitaOne8 can assist in the assessmnet of available water supply resources and review, cost and recommend water treatment solutions that will ensure sufficient water of the required quality, in order to determine the feasibility of projects.